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Phonics Glossary

We are very excited to announce the start of our new phonics programme (Little Wandle - Letters and Sounds) that will begin in school on Monday 15th November. This will change how we send reading books home, the type of books that we send home and what you do with the book. There will be two types of books sent home during the week:


The reading practice book (sent home on Wednesdays):

It is the school’s role to teach reading. However, parents/carers play a vital role, too. It is important that children have plenty of practice reading at home in order to become fluent, confident readers. Parents’ or carers’ support is needed to help your child practise reading and develop fluency with a book they have already read at school. This book is matched to their phonic stage and is fully decodable. To ensure that reading at home is an enjoyable experience, we will send home reading practice books in which the child can read 95% of the words. It does not have to be a different book every time; it may need to be the same book if the child still needs to develop fluency.


The children should be able to read the practice book with developing confidence and fluency without any significant help. Your role is to listen with interest and, most importantly, to encourage and praise, enthusiastically acknowledging the child’s achievement (even if, at the early stages, this is only small). After the child has read the book, it may be helpful to talk about the book, but only so far as the child is interested. Please keep the experience positive and avoid turning it into a test. 


The sharing book (sent home on various days of the week):

If children are to become lifelong readers, it is essential that they are encouraged to read for pleasure. The desire of wanting to read will help with the skill of reading. To help foster a love of reading, children will take a book home that they can share and enjoy with you. Involving the children in the choice of this book is important. These books offer a wealth of opportunities for talking about the pictures and enjoying the story. We will ensure to offer a variety of books, including non-fiction, so they can enjoy a range of writing. Please do not expect your child to read this book independently and do not try to get your child to do so. The book is for you to read to or with your child. Again, it is good to talk about the book with your child, but important not to turn the discussion into a test. The goal is enjoyment.

For Reception, you will have the opportunity to choose your book with your child in the new Reading Shed - coming soon! Miss Bailey will send an email about this in further detail. In the meantime, we will send a sharing book home with your child whilst the 'Reading Shed' is getting up and running. 


We will continue to use the Reading Records. We would like you to comment on what you have read together and anything important that you have noticed about your child's reading. Comments should be as positive as possible. 


We would very much appreciate if you could visit the following website so that you may gain a better understanding of how you can support phonics and early reading and how we teach phonics in school. There are lots of useful videos that you can find here too.


Miss Bailey and I will be holding a Parent Zoom on ​Wednesday 24th November at 5.00pm, lasting approximately 30 minutes, to explain our new phonics programme in more detail. We warmly invite you to attend this. In the Spring term, things will work a little differently for Year Two - we will explain this in more detail at the Zoom event.