BerkswichCE Primary School

Achieve, Believe and Care

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Mathematics (M)

  •  Numbers (N):
    • children count reliably with numbers from 1 to 20, place them in order and say which number is one more or one less than a given number.
    • using quantities and objects, they add and subtract two single-digit numbers and count on or back to find the answer.
    • they solve problems, including doubling, halving and sharing.
  • Shape, space and measures (SSM):
    • children use everyday language to talk about size, weight, capacity, position, distance, time and money to compare quantities and objects and to solve problems.
    • they recognise, create and describe patterns.
    • they explore characteristics of everyday objects and shapes and use mathematical language to describe them. 

​All children, in both Nursery and Reception classes, engage in daily counting sessions. Focused adult-led Maths sessions take place daily and skills and knowledge are applied within continuous provision activities. Children's problem solving skills are developed through practical, real life scenarios throughout their topics and themes.