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Letters to Parents

Please find below the most recent letters sent to parents; the most recent ones are at the top of the page. It is important to note the year groups each applies to. Similarly, it is vital that the most recent information is read as, with each new release of guidance from the government, changes may be made. Please do contact school if you would like to discuss matters further. 

26th June 2020

Dear parents and carers,


This week you will have received information from your child’s current teacher and next year’s class teacher regarding our transition and ‘catch up’ plans that we will be putting in place prior to the Summer break.


Last Monday, the government informed schools that more children could be invited back for varying times and transition opportunities, if staffing and available space in school permitted this. As you will be aware, until this point we were only allowed to have children in school who were vulnerable, children of key workers, Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Six pupils. Our transition plans have been based on this recent advice, and we have quickly explored ways to welcome all children back in different ways in line with staffing requirements and the space in school.


Through our Zoom or phone progression meetings with parents and children, and with further information gathered from transition meetings and the outcomes of home or school learning, teachers will be able to adapt their summer learning opportunities to your child’s individual needs.  More general home learning resources will focus on reinforcing basic skills required in your child’s current year group in order to strengthen the foundation for further learning in September. In addition, teachers will signpost parents, via the website, to high quality resources should they wish to extend learning opportunities further during the holidays. 


In line with our local Primary Schools, teachers will not be providing home learning in the same way that they have during the COVID-19 period. Our Summer learning packs will be provided as an optional item for children and parents to use. From the feedback we have had, we recognise that many parents would like the holiday period to be a time away from more formal home learning; therefore, we would like to reinforce that any learning set will be completely optional.


For the first time, during the Summer holidays we have set up a care and activity club to provide further support for parents during the holiday period. We hope that those children who attend will enjoy the range of activities provided.


As part of our recovery plan, we will offering parents a consultation meeting in mid- September; this will provide an opportunity to discuss how well your child has settled back into school life and any worries or concerns that you may have. The teacher will share further feedback on where your child is currently at in terms of age-related expectations, including any actions taken in school to ensure that gaps in learning are being rapidly and effectively addressed.


We await information on the government’s catch up plan regarding one-to-one tutoring and small group interventions. As soon as we have more information, this will be shared.


If you have any queries about transition, please contact your child’s current and next year group teacher.


Have a lovely weekend.


Ms Jackson


22nd June 2020

Dear parents and carers,

I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend.

You may be interested to read the latest updates from the DfE which have been published today. Please click on the links.

Education Secretary's statement on coronavirus (COVID-19): 19 June 2020
 Education Secretary on the Government’s £1 billion Covid catch-up plan to tackle impact of lost teaching time

Thousands of children to benefit from free meals and activities
 Thousands of children in England to benefit from free meals and activities during summer 2020

Kind regards 

Ms Jackson


10th June 2020

Dear parents / carers,

You will have heard on the news last night that the government have now said that children in Years Two, Three, Four and Five will not be returning to school until September. Some larger schools may be able to offer more provision to these children; unfortunately our staffing, social distancing measures and rooms being utilised within the school, plus the current numbers we have in place means that we are regretfully unable to accept any more pupils.

Schools have not received any further information from the DfE; however teaching unions are active in pressing the government to provide timely information so that schools can prepare for the September opening. I will continue to update you with any plans as many parents will need to consider ways in which they can return to work in September.

We will continue to provide home learning for those children who remain at home. As a staff we are planning ways of involving all children in the life of school; this will include activities such as transition sessions with new class teachers, ensuring all children at home feel a valued part of our Berkswich family.

We very much appreciate the efforts that you are all making at home and will be delighted when we can have all of the children back together again.

Kind regards,

Ms Jackson


4th June 2020

Dear parents and carers,

I hope that everyone is keeping well? It has been a delight to have children back in school this week; they are adhering to the new systems extremely well. Thank you for the positive comments from parents regarding this.

I hope that those families who are continuing with home learning are managing ok? You are doing a phenomenal job! The teachers are so impressed with the efforts of everyone at home, thank you! Please tell your children that we all miss them.

Please see below the link for the latest DfE guidance, there is particular reference to the test and trace system in section 2 which you may find helpful.

I will continue to update you with any relevant guidance / information.

Kind regards

Ms Jackson


1st June 2020

Letter related to return to school on 2nd June 2020

To the Parents / Carers of vulnerable pupils, key worker children, Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Six,


All the staff are looking forward to seeing the children back in school tomorrow; please can I remind you that only one parent is allowed to drop off and collect.


In order to allow social distancing and the safe arrival / departure of children and families, it is vital that the designated start and finish times for your children are adhered to.


Parents of Nursery, Reception Group A, Year One Group A , Year Six, and Key Worker Group A will need to enter the school playground via the main gate. All parents must follow the one way system and exit the playground via the gate to the right of the scooters (next to Year Six Classroom) leaving the school grounds through the side of the car-park barrier. Please follow the same one way route when collecting your child at the end of the school day.


Nursery children who go home at 11:45am can be collected from the office area (a member of staff will bring your child out to you).


For those parents who have children in Reception Group B, Year One Group B, Key Worker Group B you will need to enter the school through the main gate and follow the path that runs alongside the playground. Your child will be dropped off at the field gate (a member of staff will be there to help). Please exit the school car park area via the space next to the barrier on to the car park.

Please use the same route when collecting your child at the end of the day.


It is vital that children are collected on time as the school will be promptly shut for a deep clean.


Please can you make sure that your child has enough water to last all day (label any water bottles). Sun-cream should be worn and children will require sun hats.


All risk assessments are on the school website and have been shared with parents.


If your child requires medication please bring it in a labelled bag. If your child has asthma, you will have received  an individualised risk assessment, if you have not yet responded to this, please let your class teacher know the information that they have requested prior to your child returning to school.



Unfortunately we cannot allow visitors in to school, this includes office visits. Please call or email the office with any queries.


I look forward to seeing those families who are returning tomorrow.


Kind regards


Ms Jackson


25th May 2020

Further update from the DfE


Dear Parents and Carers,


On Friday 22nd May I sent an email outlining our plans for the potential reopening of school for vulnerable pupils, key worker children, Nursey, Reception, Year One and Year Six from the 2nd June (1st June INSET day).


Since then, the government has now released a further guidance document for schools and Early Years settings to use for planning the wider reopening of Nursery and Reception. This was posted on the DfE site yesterday. This group of children are given higher priority on the governments list of who they wish to attend. 


We are constantly reviewing our plans to ensure the safety of our children and staff and to follow all guidance as best as we can, this can be difficult when the information is being published at varying times.


We will be holding a governors meeting to discuss the wider reopening of schools on Tuesday 26th May. We believe that the government still intend to share further updates on the 28th May.


I hope that we can proceed with the plans we have made but wanted you to be aware of how the situation continues to evolve.


Have a lovely bank holiday.


Ms Jackson



22nd May 2020


Dear Parents and Carers (Nursery, Reception, Year One, Year Six and Keyworkers),


I would like to update you on the plans for the wider reopening of our school from Tuesday 2nd June. (Please note for Vulnerable and Key Worker Children, school will be open on Monday 1st June, which is our INSET day when all staff are in).


Risk Assessments

A COVID-19 whole school risk assessment has been created with the governors, please read it alongside this email as it may answer some of your questions regarding how we intend to keep children and staff safe. The risk assessment will continue to evolve and you will be informed of any updates. All risk assessments will be put on the coronavirus part of our school website. A copy will also be emailed to you.


Staff will be producing risk assessments for our vulnerable and Key worker children groups, Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Six groups / social bubbles.


School Hours

As I mentioned in my previous email, unfortunately we do not have enough staff in school to safely provide Cedars before and after school care as we are not able to mix groups / social bubbles. I also informed you that the school day would be shorter due to the changes in the way we have to safely operate school. We have staggered start and finish times for everyone’s safety.


School will be open for all vulnerable and key worker children from 8:30am until 3pm. If your child is vulnerable or a key worker they can arrive at 8:30am or at 9am.  


Children in Nursery who are not Vulnerable or Key Workers  8:40am – 2:30pm

Children in Reception who are not Vulnerable or Key Workers  8:50am – 2:50pm

Children in Year One who are not Vulnerable or Key Workers   8:40am – 2:40pm

Children in Year Six who are not Vulnerable or Key Workers   8:50am – 2:50pm


Staffing of groups / social bubbles:

Please note your child’s teacher will inform you of the group / social bubble they will be in via email. Teachers will contact parents and carers to arrange a virtual meeting informing you of the arrangements in place for the safety of our children, staff and parents.

This meeting will provide children and parents with a question and answers session. Staff who may be unfamiliar to your child will be introduced. The teachers will share the format of the school day and which classroom and designated outdoor area will be used. Teachers will let you know about PE kit, playtimes, lunchtime, the curriculum and the learning expectations for that social bubble.


  • Nursery – Mrs Gilbert every day, Mrs Andrews (Mon and Tue), Mrs Maxwell (Wed – Fri) in the Nursery classroom
  • Reception Group A in Reception class with Mrs Bailey
  • Reception Group B in Y2 classroom with Miss Blanchette
  • Year One Group A – Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Maude Y1 classroom  
  • Year One Group B – Miss Cassie in ICT suite   
  • Year Six Group A – Miss Hubbard in Y6 classroom
  • Year Six Group B – Mrs Ennis in Y5 classroom
  • Vulnerable / Key worker Groups – Split in two groups with Mrs Newman and Mrs Challenger, Mrs Johnston, Mr Weldon and Mrs Rose. Children will be in the Y3/4 classrooms as two social bubbles.


Dropping off and Collecting Children - Social distance marking by field, main gate and Pencil Playground

Reception children in Group B (Y2 classroom) and Vulnerable and Keyworker Children – Y3 and Y4 classroom.

Parents and carers need to enter through the main gate, walk down the outside path which leads to the school office, and drop your child at the field gate off the staff car park. There will be a member of staff who will direct your child to their class if necessary. Unfortunately we cannot allow parents beyond the field gate.

When exiting please leave through the car park barrier taking care and using the grassed pathway to return to your vehicle.


At home time parents will repeat the procedure and will need to maintain social distancing when waiting for your child to be brought to the field gate. Vehicles will not be allowed in the carpark at these times.


Nursery and Reception Group A Children

Parents and carers need to enter through the main gate of the playground. Nursery and Reception Group A will enter via the pencil playground as usual. Staff will collect your child at the fence as parents are not permitted to enter the school.  Parents will need to exit at the main school gate entrance ensuring social distancing is maintained at all times.

Children will be dismissed at the fence, when waiting to collect your child please be aware of 2m social distancing requirements.


Year One – Y1 classroom and ICT suite, Year Six – Y5 and Y6 classrooms

Parents and carers need to enter through the main gate of the playground. Year One and Year Six will enter via the children’s main entrance. There will be a member of staff who will direct your child to their class if necessary. Unfortunately we cannot allow parents into the school building. Please exit via the main gate as soon as your child is in the building.  At home time parents will wait on the playground ensuring 2m social distancing is adhered to.


It is imperative that children are collected at the given time to ensure social bubbles do not mix. Parents are only allowed on site at the designated drop off and pick up times and must abide by the strict social distancing measures. This is to keep your children safe and our community safe.


There will be no access to the school office – please ring with any queries or email your child’s class teacher. Please note staff do not always have the opportunity to check emails within school hours.


Food provision

From the 2nd June until the 5th June , our catering company will provide grab bag packed lunches for those children who require a school dinner. From week commencing 8th June a hot meal will be available (please note this will be limited choice). Mr Kelly will email everyone with the menu next week. Please inform Mr Kelly by Tuesday 26th May at the latest, if your child requires a school meal from the 1st June. This will enable the kitchen staff to be able to order sufficient ingredients.

Please provide a minimum of a week’s notice for any changes.


There will be no break sales so children will be required to bring a snack and full water bottle. Lunchboxes are permitted in school as your child will be the only person touching it.


Please do not bring other items from home such as stationery of toys. Key worker children can no longer bring scooters in due to limited space within their designated area now that more children have returned to school.


All children need to continue to wear uniform to school.


Class teachers will be in touch shortly to arrange a virtual meeting with parents and to answer any questions.


Home Learning – Y2, 3, 4 and 5

Mrs Maxwell, Miss Cassie and Mrs Ennis will all be teaching different year groups which will impact on the amount of home learning we can provide for Year Two, Three and Four. Where possible some time has been allocated and staff who are self-isolating will support with this. Mrs Maxwell, Miss Cassie and Mrs Ennis will email parents their online learning arrangements separately.


Mrs Aitken will continue to provide home learning for Year Five children and will also be supporting with Year Four.


Mrs Gartside Bentley will continue to work from home and will continue to plan for all children in Nursery.


I hope that this email has provided you with an outline of our plans for the wider reopening of school. I am sure there are other aspects that we will need to consider as time progresses, however I wanted to keep parents and carers as fully informed as possible. Please read the risk assessment to gain a deeper understanding of the safety measures that we are putting in place.


If a parent changes their mind and wishes their child to return to school, please be aware we will require 7 days notice, this is because staffing may need to be further adjusted.


Thanks once again for your support.


Kind regards


Ms Jackson