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Lesson 2 - Fronted Adverbials

W/C 1st June - Writing Lesson 2


Watch the video of the Darkest Dark so far:

What are fronted adverbials?

Fronted adverbial phrases are useful in descriptive writing, as they can easily describe where, when and how an action occurred. Fronted adverbials are phrases or words at the start of a sentence which are used to describe the action that follows. They have a comma after them and if you removed the fronted adverbial, the rest of the sentence makes sense without it. They can be used as sentence starters. Below are some examples. To view this more clearly, you can find the document link below. 



Have a go at the activities on bbc bitesize to recap fronted adverbials:




Watch videos of space for inspiration:


You can play this video in the background whilst you work:


Your Task:

I would like you to write five sentences describing space and you need to use a fronted adverbial at the start of each sentence. You can use the fronted adverbial word bank to help you. You will see that I have used 2A phrases and carefully selected adjectives to improve my writing.


Here are my examples:


Silently, the scattered stars glistened and pierced the permanent black.


Obediently, the colossal space machine touched down in a great, bowl shaped depression produced by the impact of a meteorite.


Victoriously, the first, heavy steps were taken on the lunar surface.

Open link for space writing template (optional)

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