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Lesson 1 - Analyse Descriptive Text

W/C 1st June - Writing Lesson 1


Click to watch the video of the Darkest Dark so far:



Here is an extract from ‘An astronaut’s guide to life on earth’ book also written by astronaut Chris Hadfield. Just like when you analysed the Roald Dahl character descriptions, I would like you to analyse the text and identify any literary devices. You can draw a line to the literary device and label it. It is important to analyse authors' descriptive writing as it can help you and inspire you when writing your own descriptive pieces. If you would like to, you can print the text extract by opening the document link below.


  • visual imagery
  • 2A phrases
  • adjectives
  • personification
  • similes
  • adverbs



The windows of a spaceship casually frame miracles. Every 92 minutes, another sunrise: a layer cake that starts with orange, then a wedge of blue, then the richest, darkest icing decorated with stars. The secret patterns of our planet are revealed: mountains bump up rudely from orderly plains, forest are green gashes edged with snow, rivers glint in the sunlight, twisting and turning like silvery worms. Continents splay themselves out whole, surrounded by islands sprinkled across the sea like delicate shards of shattered eggshells.


Next step: Which do you think is the most effective sentence and why?