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Informal Letters One

Informal Letters


Here is an example of an informal letter. How many key features can you spot? Scroll down to see the answers. Make sure you have a go first.


Can you spot any grammar that we have been learning about this half term? Such as: fronted adverbials, prepositions, conjunctions, contractions and more. Make a list or highlight them on the letter if you can print it out.


Read the next few pages of our class book with me and discover where the girl will travel next...


A Child of Books

Still image for this video

Your Task


You will pretend to be the little boy or girl who has travelled to space. Can you write your own informal letter including the key features and the grammar we have looked at this half term? Things you may choose to write about:


  • Where the children have been
  • Why the girl thinks it is important to read
  • What it is like in space