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Finding the Right Book

How does my child find a suitable book?

Since children using AR are reading books at their own reading and interest levels, most children are likely to be successful and enjoy the books and quizzes. Best of all, they learn and grow at their own pace.


Each classroom has a number of books at each level. A child then chooses one within their ZPD and after reading it, takes the test to check their understanding. Repeatedly achieving 100% means that the child needs to challenge themselves by reading one with higher points or a greater book level. Teachers will use the wealth of data they have at their disposal to support a child when choosing.


Can my child read outside of the books on AR?

Yes! If a child is eager to read a book that does not have a quiz, then we will never discourage them. All they need to do is take a note of the title and author (signed by a parent) into school. This is important as we record all books read outside of school and have several challenges over the year that this reading will help contribute to. We can also request that AR books are added to the system. 


How do I know if a book is on AR?

There is a website called AR BookFinder where children are able to see books at their level within school.  Alternatively, they can search to find appropriate books to look out for at the library. To date, over twentyfive thousand books (with accompanying quizzes) have been added to the Accelerated Reader system. 


Please click on the yellow link (top left) for AR BookFinder and enter the school's key code - OJ201919 (the first O is a letter and the second a number) - to find out which books we have in school.


Why not carry out an advanced search? Click on the tab and enter your book range (ZPD) and then you can find books by particular authors or on a particular subject. 


Can my child read outside of their ZPD?

It depends! This may seem a vague answer, but it really does depend on the book choice, the age and maturity of the child and their reading progress. If a child is consistently achieving 85% or more in quizzes at the top end of their reading range (ZPD), then we would be happy for a child to read a challenging book. However, we may discourage a child from reading above their range if they were already struggling within it. Every child is different; therefore, it is vital that you speak to the class teacher. The information generated by AR will help to inform any decision made. We also understand that sometimes a child who is struggling will tackle a book far harder than expected with superb results.