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FAQ about our Enrichment Awards

How long do the children get to complete an award?

Each award lasts two years, throughout the phase. If your child begins the award in either Year Two, Year Four or Year Six, then they can use activities that they completed the year before.


Who decides which activities the children can use?

Predominantly, this is the children's decision. However, the parents and the teacher can discuss which activities the children want to use. The enrichment awards represent the activities the children enjoy the most.


Where is the enrichment award book kept?

The book is kept safely at school. When the children have completed their book, a copy is kept at school and the original is sent home along with the certificates that the children have earned.


During the current restrictions, it is more difficult for my child to take part in activities. How will this be recognised within the award?

We are fully aware that a lot of activities are not currently permitted; however, many activities are being completed online or alternative arrangements are made. We are committed to recognising all the children's enrichment opportunities and therefore, children are more than welcome to reference activities that they may not currently be able to participate in.


How do we get started?

Your child's teacher will discuss the awards with the children and they will begin the process of starting using the enrichment booklet. We know that so many children already do a lot of activities outside of school and therefore, parents can email the teacher using the teacher's email address if they wish to add an enrichment activity to the booklet that the child hasn't mentioned.


Are the booklets just for sport and the performing arts?

The awards our completely directed towards the children's interests. This can range from sports, to cookery, to charitable events and much, much more. The enrichment awards are constantly growing with the children's interests.


If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to email your child's class teacher.