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Examples of Governor Visit Report Summaries

    Governor Visit Reports:

    Examining the Impact of School Actions of Children's Learning


Governors play an active role in their duties; each one has various responsibilities, ranging from staffing to curriculum. Please see the governor menu for the breakdown of the areas in which the governors hold expertise and offer challenge and support. Every time a governor visit is made, a full report is submitted to the board and actions identified. Within this report is a summary of the visit.


Please scroll down - the most recent summary will be at the top. Please do contact the governors if there are questions regarding any report. 


Visit Purpose: To gain a better understanding of the recently rewritten History and Geography curriculum areas


Date: 22nd June 2021


The new History and Geography curriculum develops pupils’ subject-specific skills and concepts effectively, and prepares them well for further study of these subjects at secondary school.


Visit Purpose: To gain a better understanding of the assessment tools used for screening pupils.

Date:  21st June 2021



The new GL Ready on line testing platform can quickly screen large numbers of pupils to identify those who may have dyslexia by using three short tests.

Visit Purpose: Attainment and Progress

Date: 20th June 2021


SummaryTo review, Attainment and Progress Summary- 2021-2022 End of Spring for EYFS.


Visit Purpose: To review data on pupils’ current achievement in light of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

Date26th May 2021



Teacher assessment data from each year group at the end of Spring Term 2021 in reading, writing and mathematics was compared with pupils’ targets for the end of the school year. In many year groups, pupils have continued to make excellent progress. Teachers are aware of any pupils who are not yet on track to meet their targets. Governors discussed with school leaders where support will be provided to help any pupils who need to make up lost ground.


Visit Purpose: To monitor the budget


Date: 18th May 2021



Due to Covid restrictions, this was the first opportunity to have a face to face meeting to review the budget and set a strategic plan for staffing levels.


Visit Purpose: Financial benchmarking

Date: 17th May 2021


Summary: Governors compared the school’s expenditure in 2020/21 with that of similar primary schools using government school financial benchmarking data, to ensure the school is obtaining the best value for money.


Visit Purpose: To audit the schools accessibility plan

 Date: 24th January 2022


SummaryThe governing board will undertake an annual Accessibility Audit. The school's

Accessibility School Plan shows the findings from the audit that has been used to identify short-, medium- and long-term actions to address specific gaps and improve access