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Story Ending


You have almost finished your story and today we are going to write the last section - the ending. It is important that you look at your plan and read your whole story so far. Click the link below to learn more about narrative story endings.

Here is the ending to my story. 


Sarah and George tirelessly preserved up the large tree. The rough, bark on the branches scratched their tiny hands. They looked back down and the leopard elegantly leapt up the tree like a gymnast. Fluffy, cotton clouds surrounded the children. They kept ascending this monstrous tree. The key in Sarah’s pocket began to heat up and she could feel the heat radiating. As they emerged from the clouds, they were instantly blinded by the sun. Without warning, George and his sister were spat out onto the smooth, varnished wood of the tree house’s floor. It took a few moments for the children to realise where they were. In the middle of the shabby, green rug on the tree house floor, the ancient book was open on the last page and read, ’Unlock me whenever you need to escape into your imagination.‘ Quickly, Sarah ran and jammed the golden key into the rusty lock on the book. That was enough adventures for today. She hid the book in a blanket under a wooden, handcrafted chair in the tree house.


After many weeks had passed, a grey, rainy day kept both children prisoner in the house. Then, something caught George’s eye. A strange, rainbow of light was leaking from the tree house. The siblings locked eyes and a grin crept on Sarah’s face…