BerkswichCE Primary School

Achieve, Believe and Care

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Autumn Two

During Autumn two the children are going to be exploring the exciting changes that happen to the world around us during the season of Autumn. This is going to help us with our topic of 'Colour my World'. We are going to experiment with different colours, learning about primary colours and what happens when mix them. Elmer the patchwork elephant is also going to help us learn about colour through the exciting adventures he has in his books. 


We have begun exploring Tentown to help us with our mathematics in Nursery. King One, along with his helpful friends have told us stories and sung songs to help with our number recognition, number writing and counting skills. 



We will be revisiting Phase One of letters and sounds and ensuring the children have a rich understanding of rhyme and alliteration as well as being confident in oral segmenting and blending.



Making marks is a key skill in Early Years and the children love making marks inside on paper and with paint as well as outside using chalk and water. 

We encourage the children to distinguish between the marks they make and talk about the beautiful pictures they draw.