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Achieve, Believe and Care

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Autumn Two


This half term we will be learning all about commas and the many comma rules. 

Lily builds a snowman and they share some great times, he comes to live and tells her stories.  Will their friendship endure as the years pass? (Warning:  a tear jerker!) 


Lily builds a snowman, when the light shines from the house onto him he comes alive.  The Snowman uses the lights to create images to tell stories to Lily.   Lily's imagination allows her to bring the stories to life.  As the weather warms Lily places the snowman in the freezer bringing him out each year to go on new adventures.  But soon Lily has other things to think about. 



This half term, our reading adventures will be split in two. First, we will concentrate on Morpurgo's, 'An Elephant in the Garden'. We will take a deep look into how a reader views characters that are portrayed by the writer.

Then, With the festive season only just around the corner, we will be going back in time to 1843 and studying the Charles Dickens classic: A Christmas Carol.  

"Bah humbug!" Ebeneezer Scrooge is a grouch. He is a greedy businessman who never has a kind word for anyone and is infamous for his lack of Christmas cheer. When the three ghosts of Christmas pay him a visit, Scrooge is given the opportunity to examine his conscience, inspiring him to change his ways and be transformed by the spirit of Christmas.



During this half term in maths, we will be looking into multiplicative reasoning. This involves solving problems using multiplication and division in different contexts, appropriately choosing and using number facts, understanding of place value, and mental and written methods. They will be explaining their decision-making and justifying their solutions. We will also be investigating area and perimeter.


Religious Education:

We are fixing our creative hats firmly to our heads this half term in R.E focusing on how people express their faith through the arts. We will learn to understand how art forms can be used to express deep feelings and emotions and explore how some religious ideas and beliefs are easier to express through the arts.



We are learning to be aware of different types of relationships and to know the skills needed for an effective relationship. We will also be exploring stereotypes and how the media may affect the way that we think.



Once the children have mastered coding through Espresso units, they will be working with Kodu to develop their flexible coding skills and to enhance their understanding of common themes within coding. They will use 'tinkering' to explore and test out the options available to them. The aim is for the children to create a scene with a game involving scoring.


Physical Education:

This half term, our PE days will continue to be on a Monday and a Thursday. We will be watching, trying and immersing ourselves in cultural dances from around the world during on lesson. Striking and Fielding will be the focus of our other weekly lesson, where we will be building on our skills that we have learned throughout the earlier years.



"May be the force be with you'. This half term we will be using our scientific enquiry skills to investigate the forces that surround us and how they are affected by different factors. Will a feather and bowling ball hit the ground at the same time? How has the Earth's magnetic force changed? Who was Galileo and how did his discoveries affect the world we live in?



Our first geographical inquiry this half term will be based on the technique of reading maps and understanding its features. Looking at atlases, world maps and OS maps, we will delve deep into understanding how maps help our everyday lives.


Design and Technology:

This half term, we have a very special delivery from a well known company. We will be delving deeper into how different products work and how we can use their technology to create something of our own.



This half term's art will be based upon different cultural traditions in art. The children will be analysing, assessing and trialing artistic features from a variety of cultural traditions. Through painting, clay use and other mediums of art, they will see how this changes through different cultures.