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Accelerated Reader

Reading at Berkswich


We are passionate about reading at Berkswich. We recognise that reading leads to almost endless benefits - from relaxation and opportunities to enter new and exciting worlds to learning new words and skills and improving writing across all areas. Indeed, research has even shown that those who read are more likely to contribute more time to the community through voluntary work!

The benefits are so great, that we have invested in Accelerated Reader - a programme for children in Year Three to Year Six - to enable teachers to track, monitor and challenge children's reading at home and for children to be rewarded for their fantastic achievements in this area.


What is Accelerated Reader (AR)?


Accelerated Reader is used by children in over four thousand schools across the UK. Children start by reading a book - real books like the ones that they would already borrow from school or the library. After this, they complete an online quiz in school, receiving immediate feedback. This book is added to their virtual bookshelf and they choose another book, guided to the correct level range by their teacher.


As a child completes the quizzes, we will be able to build a fuller picture of an individual's reading. This information means that we may recommend choosing a more challenging book, or one which is a little less demanding, in order to develop comprehension skills more easily.


Parents can view how well the children are doing in the quizes via Home Connect (see link below) or by email (sign up in Home Connect). 


Please click on the tabs below to view more detailed information about each area of Accelerated reader.


Year Three parents are invited in each year for an introduction to Accelerated Reader and a chance to find out more.