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2A Phrases

Today, we are launching to space and walking on the moon.

Watch the videos below to read the story of The Darkest Dark:

The Darkest

Still image for this video

The Darkest Dark

Still image for this video

The Darkest Dark

Still image for this video

One way to add detail to our writing is to use 2A phrases. This is where you write two adjectives (words that describe nouns) before the noun. You need to remember a comma inbetween the adjectives.




I would like you to create your own 2A phrases to add detail and describe the moon.


Challenge -

Can you add personification: cloudless, lonely rock?

Can you write full sentences with your 2A phrases?

E.g. The cloudless, lonely rock flew aimlessly around the Earth.









Optional Foil-Print Moon Craft


You will need:

Paint (grey, white, black)




1. Shape your foil as shown. You may want to use a measuring spoon or something similar to help.


2. Use a plate or lid to trace a circle onto a white piece of paper.


3. Dip the bottom of the foil stamp into grey paint and dab onto the circle shape to make the moon. You can use white and black paint on top to create craters. Then put to one side to dry.


4. You can make a background on some black paper using grey or white paint.


5. After all of the paint dries, cut the moon out and glue it to the black paper.